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Thread: WHO CARES? - Readers Cast (Neil Travis) - Jul 11 2016

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    Very nicely written, Neil.
    I agree. Everybody has "their thing". Some have more than one, but generally it seems like one rises above the others. For many of us on FAOL, its fishing...and flyfishing in particular. For others, it might be riding motorcycles, playing golf, fixing up old cars, bowhunting, playing hockey or in a softball league, etc.

    Can you imagine how crowded the water would be and how much more difficult it would be to catch fish if everybody was a serious fly angler? ;o) We should be glad there are plenty of other things for people to be interested in.

    I can relate to folks wanting to have a social fishing outing... That's how I approach golf. And yes, I'm certain the serious golfers cringe when they see me try to hit that little ball. When I want advice on how to improve my game, the knowledge and experience of a serious golfer is worth its weight in gold, taking years off the learning curve. Much like the advice of an experienced fly angler, yes?
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