The Essential Kelson : Atlantic Salmon Flies

Mr. Kelson:

"I believe if one pursues his/her enthusiasm in Atlantic Salmon Flies, one should naturally be interested in history. Another highly respected and frequently mentioned name, as Dr. T.E. Pryce-Tannatt, is George Mortimer Kelson (1835-1920). Among enthusiasts, he is referred as "Mr. Kelson" with the highest regards so I'd like to follow that manner. All the information and stories I can have are hearsay (like in this book) but I immediately developed an immense respect and admiration to this great individual. Indeed Dr. Pryce-Tannatt (Review 5) must have been one of his apprentices. To make a long list of his legacy summarized, "what George Mortimer Kelson did with all of his written work was to rationalize the salmon fly and present it in all its glory" (direct quote from page 19).