These are the pattern recipes as given in McClane's New Standard Fishing Encyclopedia.

Atherton's Nymph Pattern Recipes -
#1 - (Light Nymph)
Hook: #14 - #10 regular or up to 2XL length shank
Tail: 3 strands wood-duck flank feather
Body: natural baby seal fur ribbed w/narrow oval gold tinsel
Thorax: same as body only fatter and without ribbing, can be padded or weighted underneath
Wing/wingcase: two tiny jungle cock eyes tied over thorax.
They must not extend beyond thorax. They should project at a very slight angle to each side.
(delta wing style)

#2 - (Medium Nymph)
Hook: Regular shank (no hook size specified)
Tail: three short strands cock ringneck pheasant center tail fibers
Abdomen: hare's ear dubbing tied rough and ribbed with narrow oval gold tinsel
Thorax: same dubbing over padding or fuse wire
Wing pads : bright blue silk floss or lurex plastic tinsel
Legs: brown speckled partridge hackle - tied beard style

#3 - (Dark Nymph)
Hook: #1- - #16 regular length shank
Tail: few strands of dark furnace hackle fibers
Body: Muskrat or mole fur mixed with red- brown seals fur ribbed with narrow oval gold tinsel. Dubbing should be picked out between ribs.
Thorax: Tied thick and rough but not ribbed (same material as body)
Wing cases: length of bright blue silk floss or lurex and given several coats of clear lacquer
Hackle: dark furnace clipped off top and bottom leaving a few fibers at each side.
Head: clear lacquer over tying silk (black)

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