Recently entered a very unfavorable review on their Goretex PacLite Stowaway jacket. Had received in exchange for another, previous model jacket that had developed leaks after about 4 months. The new one leaked right out of the package; arms, back, neck - I got soaked in a light rain (with a driving wind) fishing a MT stillwater last week.
A day after submitting the review, I received notice from Bean saying they would not use it because I failed to follow their guidelines. Checked their rules and I can't see where I did anything wrong; pretty much said what I have here.
Next day I submitted another review, this time for my hiking boots, which I absolutely love, and stated as much. That one was published within 24 hours.
As much as I like their business model and some of their products, seems that they're none to willing to deal with a little negative feedback. By the way, that's the last jacket I ever buy from them; may have to bite the bullet and go with a Simms.