4-10 was an unproductive trip to the beach. Spotted no fish.
Saturday, I came upon a school that turned out to be trout.

The smallest of 4 landed. Still no snook.

1/4 of a mile down the beach I came upon some bait. I cast and 4 fish followed my fly. One grabbed it. I failed to set the hook.

A couple casts resulted in the first snook off the beach this year. And the second:

Then catastrophe struck. The VXP crumbled during a forward cast.

Sunday (today), east wind continued. The gulf was clearer than yesterday. The fish were there. They were happy!

I picked up Monic Bonefish from a bargain bin, and I must say that line casts well and lands with barely a ripple. Being clear adds to the lines inherent stealth! The memory, though...