Well men, you too JC....<just kiddin'> A little humor there. I know, as W.C. Fields said...."Very little humor"

I lied. I said I would get a Danvise. I want pedestal, for $80 u get c-clamp. For $150 u get pedestal, a wood work station that the vice mounts in and thus is the pedestal and 7 tools. I already have a wooden work station and the tools. I would be paying an extra $70 just to get a pedestal! And some review said it makes noise when it rotates. My biggest decision was Peak or MT Mongoose. I like boaf. I like the sleek clean idea/look of the Peak and if I coulda gotten near one to see how it fit my hands I would go with a Peak. But it showed no material clip or bobbin support. Web site said $129.95 bare bones. The Mongoose MT comes with C-Clamp AND pedestal...which I like and know cause I have the Patriot. Also looks like material clip is adjustable, jaw heigth is adjustable, and comes with FOAM LINED PLASTIC CARRYING CASE, BOTH MOUNTS, BOBBIN, BOBBIN SUPPORT, MATERIAL CLIP, AND HACKLE GAUGE! The Peak web site showed $129.95 without any of these, and a $200 price gave you an extra set of jaws. I would still have to engineer, design, and make or buy the material clip and bobbin support. The Mongoose gives me great flexibility as is, even more so since I have the Patriot. Interchangeable parts. The MT Mongoose will become my premanent vice on my fly tying desk. The patriot will go into the carrying case as my traveling vice. Mongoose MT won't look as simplified as the Peak but when all the settings are set to fit me...it should be the same...sit down, clamp in a hook and tie. Just won't look the same. (I sent an e-mail to Griffin asking if they had a conversion kit to convert Patriot to a Mongoose but never heard from them) Hard choice though. If I am not happy, my next choice will be the Peak. Wish I knew the price of the Dingo but couldn't get to their web site. Listed as a high end vice so probably out of my price range anyway, but what a good looking piece of work. Thanks to all for you advice and comments. It was tremendously helpful. Gave me lots of ideas and places to research. Oh, got the MT Mongoose from flytiers.com for $157.50 and no tax and free shipping. I think I got a lot for my dollar and what I wanted. One can never have too many bobbins, I have no hackle gauge, and I wanted true rotary, functional material clip, bobbin support in a pedestal. It make not look as sweet and clean as the Peak but I think it will do the job and comes with all the things I wanted. I don't have to modify and add accessories. Again, thanks to all. Well done.

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