Saw all the comments on vises. Lotta vises out there. Only 2-3 mentioned repeatedly. Are these the only good ones? Or just what people had that commented. I am new to tying. Have a Griffin Patriot Cam and it does not have the "V" structure. I like to use it pointing up at a 45 degree angle. At this angle the roatary isn't worth much. The rotary only good if you are using the vice parrallel to the desk top, a manner in which I choose not to use it. I like the looks of the MT Mongoose. BTW the material clip on the Patriot is a joke. Small and so recessed you can't stick anything in it. Maybe there's a technique, but as a beginner it looks like a waste. The material clip on the MT Mongoose looks very handy.I have never ever seen a LAW vice? I will say this, the Griffin will sure hold a hook. It looks much bigger and therefore more cumbersome than a lot of the other vises I see in mags. I favor strength, and therefore am looking at the MT Mongoose, it LOOKS tough and it is. But for a fine art of fly tying should one use something lighter?

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