"What hook do I prefer." Tough question for me to answer. I guess the best way to answer that is, I prefer the least expensive I can get among Mustad, Daiichi, or Tiemco. For dry flies - Mustad 94840, in spite of the many who dismiss it, has history and works. Sometimes, I use the 94859(straight eye) for size 22 and smaller. It just seems a little easier to tie on. The Tiemco 815(?) is a good hook for 26 and smaller because it has a larger gap. However, the shank is slightly larger then the same size Mustad. For example, the Tiemco size 32 is about the same as the Mustad size 28. As far as overall proportions, I guess I'd pick the Daiichi 1180(?). I think that's that company's standard dry fly hook. There are certainly other models, especially the new Mustad R series hooks, that I'm not familiar with.

Just my $0.02.


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