Hook - any dry fly 12-18 (size 16 98480 in photo)
body - dubbing to match natural (dark olive in photo)
wing - 2 or 3 (depending on hook size) clumps whitetail body hair
hackle - dry fly brown or dark blue dun

Seeing Rays West Branch Caddis made me want to share my favorite caddis dry. This fly floats like cork, is easy to tie, and can be adapted to any caddis hatch. The original pattern calls for antenna but I seldom bother. You can see a high vis version and tying instructions here: [url=http://www.flyfishingmainerivers.com/writerpages/marshall/articles/flies/hivzebra/hivZcaddis.htm:d1812]http://www.flyfishingmainerivers.com/writerpages/marshall/articles/flies/hivzebra/hivZcaddis.htm[/url:d1812]
I have had fantastic results with this fly. If I had to pick just one fly to fish the Kennebec (in Maine) with this would be it! I apologize for the photo but I am just learning to use my camera.