Hello all,its been sometime since I posted anything here,but I thought of this bunch when I came into possision of a cigar box full of old hooks.There are 18 boxes of one hundred hooks each box.If anybody can shed some light on these hooks I would greatly appreciate it.I would hate to just leave them sit in the basement and rust only then to find out that they were highly sought after or worth a small fortune.I will try to provide as acurate a discription as I can.
First lot of hooks consist of 10 boxes 100 hooks each box.Boxes are constructed of light cardboard wrapped in white paper.Box measurments are 52mm.long x45mm.wide x19mm.thick.The hooks are blind eye,tapered shank,black in color or a dark blueing.Hook measurements 38mm.long x 20mm. wide,with a barb.The following is printed on the paper lable as best as i can duplicate it on this comp.

x No. 663 x
x x
x Spring Steel x
x Samuel Allcock & Co., x
x x
x Redditch x
x No. 9 100 x
This paper lable is a light blue in color with all print in black,the border is not x's but a series of little lines like flowers.Their is also a picture of a stag on the upper right with the words TRADE MARK under it the No. 9 is hand written.Lable measurments are 44mm.long x 30mm.wide

The second lot of hooks consist of 8 boxes each containing 100 hooks.The box is constructed of light cardboard and wrapped in white paper.Box measurments are 60mm. long x 51mm. wide x 24mm. thick.Hooks again appear black or a dark blueing,Blind eye ,straight shank with indentations on first 18mm of shank.Hook length is 41mm long x22mm wide.the lable is Black with all printing in gold.Lable measurments are 38mm.long x 21 mm. wide
| Superfine Cast Steel |
| |
| No. 9 marked, 100 |
In the center of this lable is a picture of what appears to be an armored arm holding a sword.
I hope this isn't too long winded but I thought that the more detail I could give the better.I would like to take the time now to thank everyone and anyone who might be able to help me. Thanks ...Pete
If you would like you can e-mail me at petlis@catskill.net