All the advice you've gotten is good.

The 'key' is practice, though.

Without seeing exactly what you are doing, we can't tell if you are using too much hair, not enough hair, poor quality hair, wrong hair, wrong thread, etc..

ALL of these can cause the problems you are having.

If you don't know personally a good hair spinner, then the Helms video is good place to start. As are the instructions on Joe's sight.

Still, we ALL do it a bit differently, and you'll have to spend some time playing with it to find the balance of all the variables to get the correct procedure for YOU.

Well worth the time. AND those 'scraggly' bugs will still catch fish.

By the way, don't expect to get as good as those girls spinning for Umpqua. I've watched a video on that, and I've never seen ANYONE that can spin a bug as tight or trim it as well as they can. They do spin several hundred EVERY week for YEARS, though, so it's understandable.

Good Luck!