I am looking for a new fly tying light/lamp. For years I've used a 100-watt drafting style lamp that worked well enough. However, it generated lots of heat and was too glaring for long sessions at the vise.

I see both DayLight and Ott-Lite products used by many tiers. I am interested in the larger table lamp for my fly tying desk at home and the smaller "task" lamp that can be folded-up and taken on trips. While I'm always looking to save money, I am more interested in what's best for my eyes.

I did a search on this site and most of the comments/reviews are close to a year old. Wondering if anyone has changed their opinions lately? What's your experience with either of these two products? They look nearly identical to me. Is the Ott-Lite worth the extra buck$, or does the DayLight provide the same function at a better price? How about the quality of construction/assembly? Thanks.