I know how long it runs JC, I watched your presentation at the South Dakota Fish-In (1999) that Al Campbell was the host.

It was a wet and stormy night.... we were watching the slide show in an outdoor shed (unheated), completely awed by the scope of your research and the information you presented. Your series "Dry Fly" is a condensed version, but does not lack any of the information of that slide show.

I am glad you wrote that slide show, as a series on FAOL, so those who may never get to see the slide show presentation, may still learn the core information that was presented that night. With the "Dry Fly" series, you fulfilled your obligation to your mentor "Vince Marinaro"!


PS: I have been blessed with many who I can honestly give the title of "Mentor"

Al Campbell, who has been so unassuming, sharing his knowledge!

Leon Chandler: Who helped when I was having difficulty with learning to cast a fly line.

James Birkholm: Who has helped me in my writing, and calling me to task, when I stray.

Deanna Birkholm: Who has helped me understand James Birkholm. And has been my editor, and made me look good.

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