Thought I'd post a couple images of a baitfish fly that I have been tying a bunch of the past few trips to the bench.

[url=] Brown Boylermaker Image Link[/url:b4199]

It is a pattern by Captain Jaime Boyle and I think it is a good one. With the correct materials on-hand, these are a fast tie. They are durable too. I used Varivas 990S Size 6 hooks, EZ-Body tubing-size small natural pearl with lateral line, Polar Fibre wing and belly hair. Assorted flash fibers were used inside the tube for the tail and internal underbody. Lastly, UV Knot Sense was used to make the heads, along with a little holoflake glitter.

These type of baitfish flies can be scaled up, or down, as the EZ-Body tubing comes in a variety of sizes. There ya go!


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