I have something of an apology to make. I have said in the past that sunlight will turn Peacock feathers bronze. Well, I have had a bundle of Peacock ?tail? feathers in the sun for some five years or more now and I really can?t detect much if any change from greenish to bronze. I do know for a fact that sunlight does bleach color from feathers but am at a loss as to why these feathers haven?t changed other than to get lighter (bleached).

I have had a fairly good size bunch of Peacock ?tail? feathers that are in fact bronze but have had them for many years and they weren?t in direct sunlight.

The good news is that the regular green herl turns bronze in the water. So, no matter what color the dry herl, you will fish bronze flies tied with it.

Bottom line is that this long term test came as a surprise to me. I will continue to leave it in the sun to see if five more years makes any difference. I?ll update you then.

Happy Trails!