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    Default Thank you Michael Hackney!!

    Thank you Michael Hackney!!!
    Recently I dropped my furling machine that Michael Hackney made for me (1 of 3) about a year ago. I sent it back for repairs and Michael tore it apart, replaced the hook THAT I BROKE, ultra sonically cleaned it, put it back together and re lubed it. He did this all overnight and had it in the mail the next day. His charge to me $13.50 for shipping and insurance.
    The furler that I sent back has seen over 7,000 western leaders and Tenkara lines in the last year on its hooks and still runs quite as a mouse.
    The reason I have 3? I bout 1 for a dear friend, 1 for daily use and 1 for a back-up just in case.

    Michaels pride in his work and customer service are absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!.
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