Waskeyc & Rick,

Sorry to mislead anyone but the whole story was 100% made up except for a location I love to fish. Wondered what I would have done if I did take a bad fall way back in the mountains so that was the inspiration for this story. However, I have had an occasion to take a fall about 12 years ago that incapacitated me for three months out of work and some rehab. I was simply walking along the edge of a level stream bed and wearing non-felt boots when my right foot went totally backwards on a small slick rock and I landed on my right knee, hands and the side of my face. Next morn at 3:00 am I awoke to a triple sized knee and couldn't stand nor straighten out my leg. Ended up having experimental, at the time, surgery called "micro fracturing." Ended up regaining total and totally pain free use of the knee. It was originally caused by a long ago football injury that was never operated on way back in the late 50's. Sorry if it was misleading