I inherited my grandfather's old boo rod when I was 17, and used it that summer for Atlantic salmon when the tip of my graphite rod parted ways with the rest of the stick. The old girl isn't particularly a nice rod(sloppy job on the finish),but the varnish is in good shape,with no chips. My problems with this rod are that the guide wraps are dried out & cracking,and 1-2 missing guides. The hook keeper & tip are wrapped in y/b jasper thread, and are in good condition. I'd like to re-guide/wrap this rod back to useable condition.There isn't varnish under the cracked wraps/guides,and the female ferrule on the bottom section of rod is slightly cracked under where the wraps would have been. I'd like not to have to refinish the whole rod,just the windings. And, just for me, I'd like to add a red agate stripper . If I knew how to post the pics I had, I would. It is a 9' 3pc. rod,likely a 6-7wt(no indication) brand name "Sure Strike". I also bought a Pflueger 1554 reel for the rod,with an old silk line.The line is beyond repair, but will look good on an old skeleton reel I have for a shadowbox. Any tips,advice,etc would be a great help. I'd build rods myself, but I've gotten too far into tying classic salmon flies to take on anything else. Tips on guides,finish,and how-to are greatly appreciated. Jamie

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