But didn't make it to Virginia lakes.
We were surprised that the gas prices had jumped so high in that area. Up about .30 to .50 cents a gallon since we last went. That sucks on a budget. Also , the day before we left we got an email that our hotel had caught on fire and they booked us into another one down the road.
We mainly fished the creeks; south fork Bishop creek and middle fork above the north lake road with some success. The biggest producer was Intake II off the dam. There were several bait fishers along there so I had to be careful not to hook'em in the ears. The catching was slow but those I did catch were nice size and feisty.
We fished North lake Thursday morning but it was a little breezy. Only caught one small bow there but talked to a fellow who had been fishing the creek with some success. He was pretty worn out with muddy waders and a long walk back to his vehicle but he was grinning from ear to ear. He had a stringer of 14" to 18" trout that he said he caught on hopper patterns which was strange because I didn't see any grasshoppers anywhere up there.
Anyway it was a good short trip with probably a dozen fish caught.