My granddad passed away about twenty years ago at 87 years of age. I got his favorite deer mount and had it restored (not much worth to anyone but me). About two years ago I was at my parents home and found an old bamboo fly rod. Ask where it came from and was told "Pop" (my granddad). They said if you want it take it. I did!

Here is the question. It is a baboo rod with two tips and the case is a design that holds the sections on the outside. They lie in grooves. How do I find out if it is worth anything (I do not want to sell) and how to restore it? I build rods but only graphite and I noticed a few of the wraps are coming loose. Does refinishing such a rod take away from the value or add to it? The only rod that I have seen like this was in West Yellowstone when they had the fly fishing museum there.

Suggestions appreciated.