I am looking for some rod recommendations for a couple different situations. The first rod I am looking for help with is going to be used for carp fishing. I have been looking at the Daiwe Kiyose 43m and 53M or possibly one of the Nissin 2-Way 450ZX or 380ZX. Or is there another rod I should consider? I also need help with the set up. What type of line to use and what size tippet? I finally hooked into my first carp the other weekend while using my Nissin ProSquare 4510 6:4. If I could have netted him I would have landed him but, when I had to hand line carp he broke my 7X tippet with ease. It was a blast fighting him on that rod even though I was under gunned. The hole experience from sight fishing a mudding fish and watching him turn and chase your fly was a blast I hope to many more times.

The next rod I want to use for Czech Nymphing. I have never really used nymphs to target trout. This is the recommended style for fishing the local tailwater. Until last month, most of my trout fishing has been done by swinging wets or using streamers. I tried dry fly fishing my my ProSquare using an orange asher and I landed 4 browns and missed another 20. It took me a little to figure out how to get drag free drifts but once I did, I was having success. I have the Daiwa 33SF which Chris was recommending as a Czech Nymph rod but he also has the Nissin Sensui which he recommends as well. Is the Nissin that much of an upgrade I should consider buying ASAP or should I try nymphing with the Daiwa first then purchase the Nissin later down the road. I also need help with what set up to use while nymphing. I have read where people use a lighter line when nymping. I normally use a size 4 level line with my tenkara rods. When nymphing do you need to use a lighter main line since you are using a weighted fly?

Thanks again for the help.