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    Not quite sure what to make of this iPad app yet. It's made by Tsuribito-Sha in Japan. I believe they publish several magazines there.

    However. the screen shots are all in English. Seems to be kind of an introduction to Tenkara. More like a digital book but there must be something that makes it an application and not just a book. I assume it would mostly be of use if tenkara fishing in Japan as there appears to be a guide to streams, info about common fish there. However, one screen shot asks what is going on with tenkara overseas and refers to some activities in Salt Lake.

    I found the link on the Yoshidakebari website. Clicked the link and expected to find something all in the Japanese language. But was surprised to find the screen shots are all in English. Maybe it is intended to make purchasing digital Tsuribito items easy. Still kind of a mystery. Released Aug 2014. If you open iTunes on you computer and do a search for Tenkara Japan the app does show up here too.

    I'm not quite ready to download it yet just to see what its all about.


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