Coming from a family that were extremely "follicly challenged" for at two generations, on both sides, where I get my excessively thick mop from has always been a mystery. My father was bald by 17 yet at 51 I still have to have "my ears lowered" every couple of weeks. Of course, having been married, it is now grey, bordering on white.

I posted about hair conditioner as just a couple of days ago I had to point out to a friend that he, or more precisely his wife, was mistaken. The expensive feather treatments could also be used for hair. Its a case of priorities. Many years ago I had a difficult time keeping hold of feather conditioner as she who wanted to be obeyed insisted on stealing it for her hair. In the end I removed, and replaced, the labels. That worked until I made the mistake of buying more when she was with me. The argument started with, "That's not good enough for my hair." My reply of "Its ok, it isn't for your hair." Didn't help the situation.