I apologize for the paucity of posts and my infrequent viewing of the FAOL website for the past several months. I had originally planned on moving West after my retirement in January, 2013. However, a head-on auto accident in November, 2012 and the resulting injuries to my wife and myself, as well as our litigation suit against the other driver and her insurance company, caused us to postpone our move (as well as many other planned pleasurable activities!) until now. We are very soon to leave West TN for our new home in the Panhandle region of Idaho.

We've just about jumped through all of the hoops for selling one house and buying another. The only outstanding things we have to do are to finish packing a few things and driving our household goods and 7 cats (and my wife with her anxiety about getting the cats there safely!) some 2,000 miles. We are looking forward to our retirement life in Idaho, complete with all the good fishing opportunities the region affords. Hopefully, the next 2-3 weeks will see us settled in and beginning to enjoy our new domicile and surroundings. Meanwhile, there's work to be done!

Gary J.