Built by Marty DeSapio (6footrod on Fiberglass Flyrodders), I bought this from him in the spring on a whim, but have decided it's highly unlikely I'd fish such a short rod, so off it goes to the next owner. I lawn cast it three times and liked it with a Rio LT WF2 out to about 25'. It's quick and shoots dart-like loops. It might be a perfect rod for super tight creeks, and it's only early August, so plenty of time for you to give it some exercise if you have such a creek near you. It might be a fun toy for the right situations. The grip is tiny at 4.5" but IMHO that is the right size for such a short rod (even for my XL hands). The tube is an old Fenwick tube but is the right size. Includes proper rod sock length too. I paid $225 including shipping. I'll sell it now for a little less at $190 including shipping to the lower 48 United States. Photos: