Had left chest high waders in the back of my pick up after last fishing trip and didn't think that would be a problem. Have a fairly tight, or so I thought, hard cover on the back of the Tacoma. Slide waders on as usual and started to wade into the river when I felt the sensation of a mosquito bite and some itching sensation on the back of my right leg just above the knee. Sort of rubbed at it and went on with the wading into the river. Soon afterwards felt another similar sensation on the back of the right leg; but, this time it was further down and below my knee. Rubbed the area again and back to fishing. And, once again the same sensation and down about midcalf this time. Kept fishing and no further problems, or so I thought. Finished in a couple of hours, took off waders and didn't bother checking my leg or the waders as nothing was itching or bothering me at this time. Later that night asked the wife to check the back of my leg as it was itching again. She said I had what looks like at least three or four, either mosquito or chigger like bites on my leg. Put some of that "Anti-Itch Bug Bite" stuff on it and then later before bed a goodly dose of Lanacane. Next morn up popped another "bite" on the front of my shin. They all turned ugly red and rose up like a nasty mosquito bite. Continued to treat them with the "bug Bite" stuff and some antiseptic cream. Took a while for the bumps to go away; but, finally left after a couple of weeks. My wife asked if I'd checked my waders for "SPIDERS" and I said no. She opined that next trip it might be a good idea to do so and she also said maybe you'd better spray your stuff with some kind of bug killer too!

ME - 2 trout. Killer spider or whatever - 4/5 bites.

Moral of the story: When you get less bites then the "CRITTERS" it's not a good day!!!