For all you 'boo nuts-

This weekend I was over at the coast and I went into one of the many antique stores they have over there. I found an absolute treasure: a little denatured alchohol torch just like the Daryll Whitehead ones that Golden Witch sells ( [url= nuLevel3=Whitehead%20Alcohol%20Lamps:83063] nuLevel3=Whitehead%20Alcohol%20Lamps[/url:83063] ). Mine looks just like the one in middle of the photo on the top of the page (the one that's lit). A couple hours of modification, and it's working splendidly- works the kinks out of the cane really nicely and it doesn't have the noise/odor of my propane torch. Not bad for a $15 investment! Next, I'm going to get ahold of Daryll and see if I can get him to make a cap for me (or show me how he does it and make it myself). I'm definitely going to have to hit the antique stores more often!