I obtained the Nissin PALS line in sizes 3.0 and 3.5 in September from Oleg at Tenkara Times, and fished with the 3.5 line several times during a week in late October. I like the line. I would judge it to be a little stiffer than the TSUA level line, but not quite as stiff as the Sunline from Tenkarabum. The line is not hi-viz being pale pink in color, but I had no trouble seeing the line. Perhaps fishing with the line in the fall with the sun low in the sky improved the visibility.

I only fished with the 3.5 line because most days were pretty windy so I stayed with the heavier line. It is a very easy line to cast. Perhaps that was helped by the rod I was using. I fished the entire week with the new Tenkara Times 4 meter Watershed rod, using a 5m line + 1 m tippet, it is a very good rod. It is light , well balanced, with a comfortable grip, and I would say it is one of the best casting rods I have.