There are several foreign Tenkara blogs that I find fun to check ever once in a while.

One of them is Tenkaranormandie. All in French so the language is a barrier.

More recently I discovered that there is a mirror of this blog in English. That makes it more accessible. He seems to actually be able to read Japanese so he make some information from Japanese sources more accessible.

Another Japanese language blog is

The language is a bit more of a barier. However, he post a lot of interesting things I find fun to look at even without trying to translate it. Kebari, rod modifications, gear, etc. Currently there are a couple of post about hooks and he does a nice job of listing the names of the parts in both Japanese and English. Click on 次のページ ( previous page) at the bottom left of the page to see earlier post. He had his blog on a different server before the start of 2014 so a lot of great content was lost. However, the pictures on the new blog are better.

These are just a few of the ones I look at. Anyone else have a favorite foreign Tenkara blog in English or other languages?