Perfect conditions today for chasing snook off the beach! In usual fashion I broke off more than I landed. Fished a VXP 6 wt. that I recently built.

I had accidentally ordered black guides. I used them anyways. Fishhawk green/black thread with the intentions of using CP first, but, I found out at the last minute family was visiting Sanibel island. If I wanted to fish the rod there, I only had two days to complete it (while working mandatory OT that week). I skipped the CP. I beat the dealine. I fished. I got skunked.

Pairs perfectly with a Konic 2 and Wulff BTT. All the descriptions include "smooth" as an adjective. They are spot on. The rod is perfect for short, quick casts. For some reason, however, NONE of my rods are dead accurate.

Today's carnage: