"Hey, I see a rainbow. Check radar for me".
Sure enough, the only green blob is heading for the beach we planned on fishing.

Trip is rescheduled, but I want to stick a hook in something NOW. So I head to the canal.
It is overflowing.

I check out another promising looking canal. The vegetation has overgrown and is impossible to fish from the bank.

I follow a road into an industrial park. There are ponds that look accessible, but...


The city built a road connecting two main roads back in 2008. I remember driving along it and looking at the retention ponds they'd dug out. Why not give it a try?

I find a place I can park and walk to the first pond. There are small bluegill in the first pond I check out. I hook up.
I am not skunked.

The fourth pond is different than the others I fished. It is narrower. It is tannin stained. There is a nice tilapia swimming along the bank. I cast to it. It disappears.
I hook a few more bluegill. Then this little guy!


Then the rain starts. I am a couple football fields from the car.