My odyssey through various packs and vests has hopefully ended and I have a couple that went virtually unused and might as well be sold. This is an earlier generation Fishpond Waterdance in excellent condition, used less than ten times if I were to guess. I honestly don't know why I didn't stay with this one, because I still think it's the most versatile and cavernous of any of the packs I looked at. It can be worn over the shoulder as a sling, swung around the front like a chest pack, worn around the waist as a lumbar pack, or simply carried by the handle for use in a boat or walking around a lake. I don't know how to begin to describe how much this will hold. I'm unfortunately an everything but the kitchen sink guy, and I was able to fit everything I needed (or didn't) with room to spare. The second picture shows the foam fly pad, which is also in great shape given the relative lack of use. These sell for $100 currently, with the only meaningful difference that I see being the "closed" mesh water bottle holders on the sides of the newer model vs. the soft mesh on mine, though I actually like the old design better since they're less bulky when not in use. I'm offering this for $60 shipped in the continental US and am posting this in a couple of places, so multiple definitive responses will be resolved according to time received.