Being fairly new to this addictive habit, compared to others on here, my best experience has been with RIO Gold and Perception. Have tried the ORVIS Wonderlines as stated above, and I agree with that poster, it is just a fly line that works. Tried SA lines, tried discontinued, "named but not named" fly lines from the Somerset fly fishing shows, and nothing I have ever used, comes close to the RIO lines. I have a very close friend, who has plenty of money to spend, but is so tight that he separates two ply toilet paper........not exaggerating........he is a TIGHTWAD!!! Well when I took my new rods down to his house for him to try and cast, he was absolutely amazed at how much his casting improved, increased distance, better loops etc., even on the low end rods that he had, that he immediately replaced the lines on his primary rods with the RIO Perception or RIO GOLD lines. Now this was not something that happened in a few minutes, it took about 3-4 hours of exchanging reels, trying other lines, SA"s, ORVIS, Cortland 555, Unknown brands etc. There was absolutely no denying the improvements......he was converted. I myself will be a loyal RIO customer stuff that I have used.