Well I'm finally getting to building the "Big Stick" - a Fenwick Fenglass 11/12 weight. This rod is for throwing fast sinking lines for big cow stripers that hunker deep. I am hanging a Fenwick F912 on it. No anti-reverse, no large arbor. An old fashioned, knuckle-busting, glass saltwater rod that I expect to outlive me. Here's the layout: Gimble equipped fighting butt with removable rubber mushroom cap, anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat, EVA grip-ends for and aft of a short 6" full-wells cork grip. Once I get these mounted I will decide whether I want a fore-grip or not. In this picture the cork grip is actually placed on top of the blank since I haven't reemed it out yet.
Please post some feedback and let me know what you think of this layout. Once I get these components settled we can talk guides... I'm leaning toward REC recoils.. Thanks! Alec

The Big Stick!