Hi Bruce.

OK, I'll bite. I've been on this board since 2003 as you can see at the top of this post. I used to post when the forum was in it's old format. I'm mostly a lurker here now and I haven't posted much here because I mostly post over on the classic fly rod forum where I have been a member almost since inception when it used to be Clark's, where I was a moderator for several years, and where I have 2100 posts available for any and all to read. My handle there is cdmoore. I live in Lebanon, NH and am a board member of the local Trout Unlimited Chapter and the former State Council Chair of Vermont.

Lurking doesn't work very well for selling stuff, so I posted a few things for sale. Now, who wants to buy a very nice hat, no longer available, in great shape, cheap, and which comes with a lifetime guarantee to any owner? My kids are too cool to wear it.

And, oh yeah, I've been burned on this forum--TWICE, to the tune of over $1000--so I know how it feels. For anyone who still doubts, feel free to use PayPal and then you'll be more protected than I am as the seller.

I must have missed your introduction, Bruce: is lastchance a reference to the Henry's Fork or something else?

Anyone is welcome to respond here, but as you can see, I'm pretty slow on the responses. The email above is much more likely to receive a prompt response.