Tied here as a western green drake; original had olive-dyed grizzly wings and a little Krystal Flash in the shuck. All the green drakes I've seen had darker wings, so I went with the dun; the KF I forgot until I spun the deer hair.

hook - TMC 5212 #10
thread - UTC 140 olive green/MFC 8/0 olive
shuck - Congo Hair brown
rib - poly yarn yellow
rear body - UTC 140 olive green
mid body - deer hair olive spun/clipped
wing - hen hackle tips dun
hackle - olive-dyed grizzly

Part 1

mash barb; start thread at 2/3 mark, wrap back to point above barb

tie in shuck

tie in rib (I used a few fibers, twisted into a rope), wrap forward and tie off at 1/3 mark

clean a clump of deer hair, trim tips, tie in with 2 soft loops and spin; tie off thread and trim

flip it over, lay razor blade on eye to establish belly and push straight back

trim a tight pfd