A buddy called me yesterday before noon, to say the fish were biting in the local reservoir, which has risen to 27.5' above normal in the past 7-8 days and continues to rise.
I headed out there during my lunch hour. With the drive/walking involved, I had about 20 minutes to fish. I used a 12' 5wt switch rod.

Fish were splashing on the surface while chasing the abundant schools of young-of-the-year fish, and also making the Cicadas that would land on the water disappear.

I started out using the shad-imitating streamer I'd caught the catfish on the previous week, but didn't get any strikes (and it was pretty beat up). I switched to a chartreuse-over-white Clouser Deep Minnow, and also didn't get any strikes. I then tried a variant of the F-C Pearl Shiner (this one tied on a 90-degree jig hook with lead barbell eyes). I let it sink, and started getting strikes. I missed a number of strikes, but landed 3 small Wipers (@10" each), and a 16" White Bass.

Wish I could have stayed longer!