Would the guide spacing on an 8.5' bamboo rod be comparable to a similar graphite rod? These are 3 piece rod's.
I'm re-finishing a couple of inexpensive rods for a member. They came with 4 little snake guide's and one little stripper guide.
The finish looked like it was applied with a broom and was so heavy in spots the blank's were almost round!! I've sanded (Lightly) one blank and have applied a hand rubbed satin finish.
The rods have 2 tips and the ferrules fit togather very snugly. About the only plus side!
The cork grip's and reel seat's should also be replaced but I'll wait to see how they fish before going to that expense!
P.S. I get to keep one of the rod's!!

Don't forget the Michigan Fish-In August 14th to the 20th. The Holy Water's of the Au Sable await you!!


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