Thanks for all your replys they are all most welcome. JC, I agree with you that this rod, or any rod, is too important to build wrong. I did contact Gatti USA and had a very plesant conversation with Brian.

On the FRHP 906 3TA it is common to have multiple spines. I was told to find the most pronounced and use that, in my case they were equally pronounced and directly opposite each other. Pick one and go with it. The next step is to insert the mid section into the butt alligning the found spines, then find the spine of the mated sections. Do any fine tuning that may be necissary. Repeat this with all 3 sections assembled. The result should be the optimum from the blank.

I am going to do as instructed, if only for my peace of mind. I will be satisfied to know that my new rod is as good as I can make it.

Ct Don

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