News From the Atlantic Salmon Federation

Migrating Salmon Face a Triple Challenge ? and Genetics Showing Some Extremely Vulnerable
Gill-net fisheries in Greenland, Labrador and at St-Pierre et Miquelon are now growing threats to Atlantic salmon. Genetic studies are now showing which rivers and regions are paying the price. Read more

A backgrounder pdf on the STATE OF THE POPULATIONS gives details of last year?s Atlantic salmon returns, and present risks

Les saumons atlantiques en migration risquent d??tre la cible de p?ches non viables

Rivernotes looks at this weekend?s salmon and rivers
For many jurisdictions, this past weekend was the opening of the Atlantic salmon angling season. Check out what is being said on Monday.

ASF Research Blog Documents Incredibly Busy Period
Even in the rain, fog and cold, ASF research staff have been out on the rivers and at sea to put in place the tracking and other research projects for the year. Read of their adventures.

Metepenagiag First Nation Won?t Use Gill Nets this Year
In a forward-looking decision, the Band Council of the Metepenagiag First Nation chose not to use gill nets on the Miramichi. It is a decision showing great leadership.