Hey folks!!
Been a while since I've been on here. I recently purchased a new Sweetgrass Mantra Penta 7' 4wt. I test cast a couple lines when I bought it but ended up with a Wulff TriangleTaper line on my new Hardy Bougle' reel. I will probably fish mostly small drys and maybe some small BH midges on it too.

What I need to know from the experienced bamboo guys is what length and types of leaders along with flylines to use for my application. I'll be fishing medium sized MO spring streams. I have a thread furled leader on it now but it may be too long at 5'6". By the time I tie on a tippet it pushes longer than the rod length.

I know I have a little bit of slowing down to do also coming from a Winston BIIT but not a ton. Any advice to a newbie to bamboo would be appreciated on taking care of the rod would also be greatly appreciated.