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Thread: Strangest occurrence while fishing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byron haugh View Post
    it was mid summer and the flows were low coming out of the reservoir. We were fishing just below the reservoir. I was fishing a small pool there and my son was just downstream. In the distance, we could hear the high pitched sounds of folks flying their remote controlled model planes.

    Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a white blur and then saw a huge splash near my fly. One of the airplanes had lost control, run out of gas, and quietly crashed next to my fly!
    I was fishing out of my kayak in Long Island Sound near Fishers Island, NY.
    Two real stunt planes were having their fun with a simulated dog fight.
    One of the planes buzzed me, lost control and crashed.
    The pilot died.

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.
    --- Horace Kephart

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    I might have used this one before:

    Memorable, not really "strange" and may not quite fit into the category "while you were fishing", more like "while you were camping" stories, but it does involve "fishing". Anyway, in the early to mid-80's my parent's would take me and my cousin camping at Worthington State Forest in NJ, it was along the Delaware River. Back then, the main road to get there had washed out and you had to get there by going way out of the way, so the campground was not too popular and my parents were able to get a campsite right on the river. One trip my cousin brought a small, homemade toy sailboat (think of the simple sailboat kits, flat piece of wood shaped in a rounded triangular shape, dowel and a paper sail). I don't know if the kit included the hook on the bottom because you were supposed to tie some kind of weight to it for stability or if my cousin added it, but before bedtime, he tied a leader with a fishing hook on it, approx. 6" long or so, tied the boat to a nearby tree and let the boat float while we slept, but he did not bait the hook. Woke up the next morning, my cousin went to check his boat while I went down to throw rocks and he called me over excitedly. There was a tiny dead fish hooked by the fishing hook under the boat. It was about the smallest fish that could bite the hook, no longer than 2" long. No one, especially my dad, thought that an un-baited hook in rigged like it was would catch a fish, surprised us all.

    Still remember it as if it were yesterday.


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    This happen years ago. I was into carp fishing, and I would get up early to fish the tidal rivers and creeks near my grandmother's home in Maryland. There was one small tidal creek I liked to fish where it ran into a small basin off the C&D Canal. Parking near by with a short walk down the road to the bridge that crossed the creek. It was early with a full moon setting in the west. Still bright enough to cast shadows. I set up my lines but after a few minutes I felt like someone or something was watching me. I turned around there was a cat staring at me, moon light reflecting in its eyes. I was a bit spooked and tossed a rock at it and it disappeared. I went back to watching my lines but in a few minutes I had the same feeling. I turned around and there was a woman dressed in a white nurses uniform, looking at me and shaking her head. Then she walked off down the road, without a sound. A car came down the road not long after she had started walking. I climbed up the bank and I looked down the road and it was empty. I packed up my tackle, ran down to my car and took off. I never fished that place again.

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    While preparing to launch my raft at the Emil Plum access on the Snoqualmie River I was standing, looking downstream, and I think I actually ducked as I heard the loud whir of wings, seemingly right over my head. I looked up to see a large hawk in hot pursuit of a duck which I took to be a female mallard. About fifty feet downstream of me the duck dove directly into the water while the hawk pulled up and began to circle. After a few moments the duck popped up again and the hawk immediately stooped, to be greeted by a spreading ring of water as the duck submerged again. The same maneuver occurred at least five more times as the duck would pop up and the circling hawk would dive. Finally (and I could almost see him shaking his head in disgust) the hawk gave up the game and soared off; shortly the duck re-surfaced and went about her business.

    On another sea-run cutthroat trip on the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River, we had anchored up for a late lunch just downstream of the lower end of a steep-sided, rock-walled canyon. While enjoying a sandwich and a beer, I was startled by a drawn-out, rumbling, roar and turned around in time to see a column of water fountaining twenty feet in the air as a boulder the size of a small automobile crashed down the near-vertical wall and into the river. Rowing back upstream we could see the naked scar over a hundred feet up, near the upper edge of the wall where the chunk of rock had torn loose, bringing down a torrent of dirt and uprooted trees with it.

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    I actually caught a fish?
    It Just Doesn't Matter....

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