With gas prices going up, I have found a daily fix on the local river that runs right through town. Within walking distance and always something willing to play.
All these fish were caught on one of two flies as I fish them both at the same time. I use a special Carp furled leader I make. I then add three feet of 10lb fluoro tying it at the ring of the leader with one side a foot long the other two foot. I add a Rainy's Popcorn Ball on the long side and a Dog Biscuit fly in white on the shorter. The biscuit floats like a cork and wonderful for top sippers. I am using a T3 6 wt or a Cabela's 8 wt with Magnum Shark Skin line on the Kraken reel till my official Carp rod is finished.
Here is some of my spring

A mirror