Or a tip from a beginner.

Haven't even started wrapping my rod yet and I have a tip.

I've been practicing/experimenting on a couple of broken pieces. I've tied several wraps and eyes side by side in several colors, put CP on some and left some, put trim bands on some - some without. Been having good luck applying the FlexCoat, letting it sag, wicking the excess, then hittin git with the hair dryer.

Now, here's the tip. Put in on the box. Turn it as needed a - and *leave it the heck alone*.

I keep thinking I have to pick it up and "inspect" it. So far I've stuck my thumb on one and brushed another against my sleeve.

I'm not too bright - but I'm learning. lol.

Oh, by the way, don't spit into the wind either.

Edit: 7:52 p.m. - Oh - I may want to think about a 'drying box' too. Just discovered a boxelder bug trapped like a rat in a sticky trap. All six of his little legs are there for eternity.

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