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Thread: Liljoe and I went fishing today....

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    Default Liljoe and I went fishing today....

    Liljoe called and wanted to go fishing today, so, I agreed and took him to the river to show him some more new water to him. This particular river has a power generating dam and it was not suppose to generate today and was releasing 240CFS per their web site. While we were getting our waders and gear together, they opened the spillway and turned loose a lot of water which raised the river about 3 feet in a hurry. We hung around and after a few minutes, they closed the spillway and the river started back down. We worked our way down river and I told him to stick close and keep an eye open for rising water. They never let anymore water go and the river settled down and we fished. Joe is a very fast learner and has become, in my opinion, a very good fly fisherman and I am proud of him. We fished flymphs, PSC's and nymphs and Joe ended up with 13 rainbows and I ended up with 10. My shoulder hurt some but I decided I needed to fish. The rotator cuff surgery was Jan. 31st, and my shoulder still bothers me some. I hope the pictures are attached. The first is the path that leads down the river, the second is Liljoe with one of the rainbows he caught and the last picture is the fog coming off the river as evening approached. I really enjoy fishing with Liljoe and would put him up against anyone with his fly fishing skills. Hope to fish again soon.

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