I didn't want to hijack the other thread so I thought to start this separate one. Get the popcorn and chips, or tortilla, salsa and dip ready, lol:

Okay, so you buy a rod with a guarantee and because of a 'manufacturing defect' something happens to said rod like the reel seat becomes loose or some wraps start unraveling, etc. You may even have a situation where the damage is questionable like the tip breaks while fighting a fish or the rod just shatters. Okay so the heavily weighted nymph slammed into the rod on the backcast, that's covered right! But to what extent should rods be covered? Guarantees against manufacturing defects are one thing. If you slam the car door and the rod happens to be in the way or you forget the rod was on the car top, drive off and the next car drives over it, or other negligent handling situations cause breakage, why shouldn't the guarantee be waved? I mean, the manufacturer upholds the guarantee to maintain customers but really. Isn't it a sign of the times when we(generalization) no longer accept responsibility for our own actions and just 'expect' someone (some company) to be responsible?