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Thread: First salt water fly fishing trip!!!!

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    Well my head was in cloud nine all the way to panama city. The other vet, Charlie from middle Tennessee, drove and we really had a good time just getting there. They put us in a condo that will sleep 7 people, but we had only one other guy to join us. He's name is "Buddy" and he is a WW II vet and a very good fly fisherman. The first day we all went to the dock and meet our fishing guide, and Charlie and I got "AL". We were going to fish from 8:00AM to about 1PM and then all meet back at the doc. We went out into the gulf and started fishing and Al got us on top of some trigger fish and some red snapper. We were on top of the world and having the best time. The wind picked up and the boat started to bouncing up and down and from side to side and my Vertigo kicked in with a touch of sea sickness and at 9:30 I told Al I needed to get to the dock. I was a sick old dog. Charlie go me back to the room and I took my med's for my Vertigo and I was out for the rest of the day until about 4 that afternoon. Everyone was going out to eat but I just stayed in and took some more Med's. The next day I still was not all together well and I didn't want to go and get sick and ruin that day for someone else, so I stayed in again and took med's. That night I was feeling better and went out to eat with everyone and enjoys hearing about everyone's fishing adventures. The next morning we got ready and came home. Even with me getting sick I still had a good time and meet some great people that fly fished differently than I do. Salt water Fly fishing is different than wading the rivers and fly fish. I know now that I can't go fishing in the ocean. I still have the Vertigo thing going on a little, but I am sure things will get better. Good to hear from you again and thanks for asking about the trip.
    P.S. Buddy is the guy in the yellow shirt and Charlie is the other guy in the 3rd picture.
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