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Thread: Thank God for good Mothers

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    Default Thank God for good Mothers

    It's still 8 hours or so before it's officially Mothers' Day. But Happy Mothers' days to the ladies here on the board and the wives of all the guys. As a boy I idolized my dad, if he had told me to get a bucket of water, we were going to extinguish the fires of hell I would have been right beside him. Dad seemed to be always working providing for the family. It was my mother who taught me to fish and I remember going fishing with up until I was old enough to go with the guys. My mom is still with us and going pretty strong to be 88 years old. I would love to know of a farm pond where I could take her with a tube of crickets or a can or worms and catch a mess of bream.

    I was also blessed to find a wonderful young lady, on the first try, who has been a wonderful mother to my two children. She has been keeping company with me since the beginning of school in 1964, when I met her when I went back to my hometown to attend the JUCO there. I am and have been doubly blessed.
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    I did not have a good mother. We all turned out OK, but now think it was somewhat despite her, As we've aged and learned about life, we've all learned to forgive her and know she did the best she could given the issues in her life and mind. The fact we could all get to that point is probably proof that she was a better mother than we give her credit for being. Or maybe it is a tribute to my Dad.

    I lost my wife of nearly 47 years in March and the family will gather in June for a celebration of her life. She was a great mother. Not the Donna Reed kind by any means. But a mother who raised three strong sons with every bit of strength in her, and that was a lot!

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