Went to the store for my wife and found some Hawian Punch Green Berry Rush (small packs that you would dump in a water bottle) and said what the heck for a $1!! Used 4 packs and re-did the PAS green and PAS blue ones that didn't work from the night before and they came out pretty good!!! Picture came out lousy and I tried a couple of different times

Ice Blue raspberry/lemonade Koolaid - this one didn't work. the only thing that colored was the stems

Found some nice easy?? instructions on RIT liquid dye https://www.ritstudio.com/techniques/materials/feathers/ so I picked up 4 colors at Wally World - Dark Green, Purple, Sunshine Orange and Aquamarine.

The stuff is really easy to use 1/4th cup of the dye to a quart of hot 140 degree water, dump the feathers in and stir them. They say 2-5 mins but I left them for about 15 minutes. I drained them and rinsed in warm water till they ran clear then squeezed and pressed between paper towel. Then into the old pillowcase and 5 minutes of heated drying and 20 minutes of air drying and their done. The Sunshine Orange and Aquamarine came out fine. The Dark Green and Purple didn?t and I re-did them, think the water wasn?t hot enough and they came out better.

Sunshine Orange


Dark Green

Sometimes my older camera doesn?t pick up purple but I did some Artic Fox and the re-done feathers are a bit darker than the fox

Purple Artic Fox