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Thread: The end of "beginner's fly swaps"

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    Default The end of "beginner's fly swaps"

    I have five of the remaining 6 members of the 2014 Beginner's Fly Swaps return mailing ready to be shipped out tomorrow outgoing mail...

    This will be the last Beginner's Fly Swap! There will not be a 2015 Beginner's Fly Swap...

    My computer got crashed and I lost all my PDF articles.

    I will have to start over to rebuild my articles in PDF from FAOL...

    Member #1 Ven Yann, Member #4 John Schepp, Member #6 Al Gustaveson, Member #7 Allen G. Morgan & Member #9 Tom L. Julian: will be shipped out by U.S. Mail, Tuesday May6th, 2014.

    I will return the extra fly patterns for the last member who did not send in his flies...

    This will be my last Beginner's Fly Swap; until I recover all the other articles that I transferred to PDF back..

    Steven H. McGarthwaite (aka: Parnelli)

    May 6th 2014:

    The five fly boxes are now in the outgoing mail at the North St. Paul Branch Post Office...
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